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Our Story, The Beginnings.

The concept of 121 Global Consulting started with our services offering international medical support since 2004. Our medical consultants offered their services as freelancers on multiple international projects. We offered medical consultancy and emergency medical support for lots of private and industrial clients, especially in the more remote places in the world. Our teams have already had projects from Africa to Asia and from jungles to the North Pole! In the past we have collaborated with the oil and gas industry, seismic companies, the ambulance system and the cruise ship industry, offering emergency medical specialists, support and expertise. We have offered specialists in the hospital environment for the national health service in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Romania and the Isle of Man!

The first addition to our team was in 2018 and it was our online general store, ‘Cresta Stores’, which offers handpicked quality products, to be sold worldwide. Initially we started with 800 unique products, and today we have over 7000! We have happy and satisfied customers from all over the world, from the UK to Brazil, and Europe to South Africa. Our products are being brought worldwide!

In 2019 we expanded with our travel blog, ‘relaxaroundtheworld’ which to this day attracts lots of fans interested in travel, food and relaxation, and in a short time has become extremely popular. We share unique stories about travelling and experiences from around the world!

2019 is also the year when EU Consulting was born. It is an original concept, which expands our expertise and services. Our team has since become much bigger, with professional experts in audit, training and consultancy, which have had a lot of experience with industrial companies.  At the moment, we can offer not only medical support consultancy, but also waste management audits, various training opportunities for managers and companies and branding solutions. Our specialists have developed and implemented new and original projects, such as ECO Scan and INTER Project (InterAction, InterChange, InterEvolution and InterBranding). The most desired projects now, are ECO Scan and InterBranding, which have had a great success and happy customers in a noticeably short amount of time!

Our latest addition is a media department, 121 Global Media, where our specialists can complete our services with audio video content, adverts, logos and many more for our clients! All these specially designed and original projects have helped us to have a lot of happy and satisfied clients worldwide.

121 Global Consulting specialists work extremely hard in order to keep our services at the highest possible standard. This has brought us lots of partners from various sectors such as IT, laboratory, writers and training specialists who help us offer the best services on the market.


We hope to offer an internship program for young and talented future specialists every summer!


We are open to any professional specialists joining our team, in hopes of making it even better, so please send us your CV and intention letter by email if you are interested in joining our talented team!                                                                                                                                                                   

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