121 Global Media is part of our group and offers various services as media creation, advertising and personalised advert. Our specialists can help your business to become unique and be apart and very visible on market. We can offer that media impact you need to become more recognisable for your customers. Together with us you can build, reinvent or grow your brand. Social media is flooded by boring and unattractive adverts, very similar logos and images that will make any business almost anonymous in front of their customers.


You tell us how you think your business must appear in front of your customers and

we made the rest.

We can offer you:

     Personalised company video presentation

     Advert video with you services or products

     Animation advert video

       Professional company and services presentation maps

       Logo, slogan, banners and company story creation

        Social media posting and admin campaigns

        Products review (audio, video, article, animation, etc..)

        And many more


Our goal is to offers one to one (121) personalised media experience for our clients.

 For examples of our work you can visit our social media hub.

 Contact us today for details.


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