EU Consulting is an original, professional and innovative company. It was specially designed to improve businesses worldwide and to better the relationships between employers and employees.

This company offers services in Europe to help you succeed.

Our partners from EU Consulting continue to deliver and implement our original business projects.

EU Consulting also offers consultancy, training, audit and other services.

At EU Consulting you will find the best waste management solutions, with our most wanted product being ECO Scan. This is an environmental solution offered to companies to improve and comply with the actual local legislation. This unique product offers an easily integrated solution for waste management. There are now new requirements and legislation changes which apply more pressure and give new challenges to local companies. ECO Scan offers audit, training and professional consultancy in this sector. Contact them today for a personalised offer.


EU Consulting offers services to re-brand or build new brands from scratch. Come to us with your ideas and business plans and we will guide you in this new, exciting journey to a successful business. We can offer bundle or individual services of branding, website design, advertising, marketing business solutions and many more. We have already had a few companies which have chosen our services and now they have very flourishing businesses and will recommend us. Nothing is impossible and our team offers you the best solutions for you and your dream. Your only limit is your imagination.


InterProject offers you the perfect training, audit and consultancy solutions. It is specially designed for companies which want to evolve, improve and change their business model. Every company has employers and employees and they need to work together to succeed. This can be done with our personalised products.

Everything starts with changing the mentality of the people in charge. All this helps your company to take action and implement the changes needed. Evolution will be visible everywhere, from selling, to employee satisfaction and productivity. With InterProject companies can have well performing business models and trained, motivated, creative employees who will lead your company to the next level.

Contact EU Consulting today for more details!

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